Let us serve you.

We offer Wholesale Accounts for businesses like cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. This option is perfect for businesses who want to resell freshly roasted bags of Tourist Hat coffee or serve fresh brewed coffee in house. Private labeling options are now available.

We also offer Business Accounts for businesses and non-profits like churches, offices, waiting rooms, and break rooms. This is aimed for organizations who are not reselling, but rather serving and enjoying coffee.

  • Collaboration

    We understand each business has unique needs and goals. What are your needs and how can we meet them?

  • Private Labeling

    If you like our coffee, but want your brand's name on it - no problem! We know that customers love to rep the brands they love.

  • Customer Care

    We measure our success by your satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to you means that we provide unparalleled support to care for your needs.

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Current Proud Partners

Star Market


Camp Connell General Store


Ohana Shave Ice

Farmhouse Cafe

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