About Us

Our Mission

Tourist Hat Coffee Company is a family business with a heart for community, a passion for giving back, and of course, a love for coffee. We strive to offer quality-roasted beans with top-notch customer service while dedicating time and money to being a positive impact in our community.

Our Origin Story

Dad has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so when he felt the call to roast coffee he rose to the occasion. Tourist Hat first started with Dad roasting coffee for himself in the backyard on a toaster-oven-sized roaster. When friends and family became interested he upgraded to a larger roaster. Before we knew it, Dad roped family members into the biz and we grew our community through attending Farmer Markets throughout San Benito & Santa Clara Counties, CA. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, business boomed enough to where we are today, selling our beloved beans from an online platform while still serving our local communities. 

Why the Tourist Hat?

On a family road trip, we stopped at Mount Rushmore and boy was it hot! So we went into the gift shop and bought everyone a hat to help with the sun. Someone made a joke joke about us being the “Tourist Hat Gang” and it stuck. Every picture we took was captioned with “The Tourist Hat Gang goes to ______”. It just seemed like a no brainer when it came to naming the family business.

Coffee With A Cause

In keeping with our mission to give back, a portion of each purchase goes towards contributing to some of our favorite non-profit organizations:

We would love to help your organization too! If you would like to host a fundraiser with us - please contact sales@touristhat.coffee.