About Us

A Social Purpose Business

Tourist Hat Coffee Company was not only created as a coffee roaster, but as a Social Purpose Business.  We want to create some of the best small batch roasted coffee available, but more importantly, we want to give back to youth in our community and beyond.  We want to help make an impact in their lives in order to strengthen the foundations of the communities they live. Becoming a part of the Tourist Hat Family, you help make an impact on a young person's life that will change them forever. 

Skills like music, dance, theater, community leadership, carpentry, sustainable agriculture, these are just a few of the skills youth are learning through the organizations you help to support by purchasing Tourist Hat coffee.

Do you work with youth in your community and want to have an ongoing fundraiser for your organization?  Would you be interested in your participants purchasing coffee and receiving $1 for each bag they purchase?  Contact us by emailing Sales at Sales@TouristHat.Coffee. 

Try Tourist Hat Coffee today.  Help strengthen the foundations of your community while drinking some amazing coffee.